Our mother was sent by her doctor to be admitted on a Thursday this month following some blood tests, after 9 1/2 hours she was sent home, but was set up with an appointment with an internist so they could look for some cancer?!?! Very blunt and insensitive. She returned the following Wednesday to be admitted per instructions from the internist…10 1/2 hrs to be admitted. Had to reiterate everything said by all doctors including during previous visit that they can not access on their own computers. Several blood tests, followed by xrays, followed by blood test to double check something that they wouldn’t tell us about. Again cancer was mentioned. Finally admitted. She spent a week in the cardiac unit where they focused on a bacterial infection she picked up from work rather than investigate this “cancer”. She was taken off antibiotics to treat this bacteria that the doctors said was nothing serious or abnormal. Following another xray they told her she has lung cancer, with no family support present. When questioned they said she does not have cancer. The doctors said there was fluid in her lungs, two days prior she asked if it could be removed, they said yes but it was not important. We asked the doctors about the fluid, when questioning why they told her she had cancer with no family present, the doctor said the fluid was not going to be a problem. The same doctor ordered a colonoscopy and they gave her 4 litres of the chaulky substance to drink, it took her 12 hours to swallow the swill. The test was not done because the new doctor didn’t know she had to request the test, not order it. That night she went into respiritory arrest. She was on the phone with my sister at the time and said she couldn’t breathe and that she has pushed the nurse button, my sister told her to push it again while she was on the phone with her, nobody came. My sister hung up on her and called the nurses station and told them to go to her room. The nurses in the cardiac care ward that she was moved to said it was caused by the fluid on the lungs. The manager of the ward explained everything by saying “the doctor is a novice” and “the nurses have more than one patient”.

Once in the cardiac care ward they immediately put her back on antibiotics. I questioned why they did that as we were told in the basic cardiac ward that she couldn’t have them so they could treat the unimportant bacterial infection. They said they didn’t care about that infection, she needed antibiotics in her.

The following day we were again told she does have lung cancer as well as heart failure.

But, two weeks into paying for Mr. Osler’s new boat and still no tests to determine anything. They said she had to be strong enough for an angiogram before they could do anything. They had to stop giving her blood thinners because she couldn’t have the test done because her blood was too thin!?!?!? She finally had it today, guess what no blockage, no heart damage evident.

19 days in the Brampton hotel billed to the government and no closer to an answer, except that she has cancer, no sorry no cancer, sorry it’s cancer and heart failure, no sorry there’s no heart failure

Douglas Family on 11/30/2010