To further my brothers complaint the nurses in the cardiac ward only came in to the room when absolutely nessessary. Our mothers IV machine would be alarming and no nurse woulld come into the room to see why.

Not only has this taken a toll on my brothers and I but you can imagine just how terrified our mother has been for the past 19 days!

I called the Ombudsmans office and to my surprise they forwarded my complaint to the patient relations department. Talk about not taking responsibility.

The night I had to call the hospital it started by an innocent phone call to say goodnight to my mom and to tell her I loved her.

when I called she was gasping for air she said she had push the nurse button five minutes prior to me calling after telling her to push it again I waited on the phone with her for three more minutes then I told her I was going to call them I got off the phone with her and called the hospital where I had to go through about two minutes of automated crap finally I got the nurses station I asked her if she could get someone in my moms room right away beacuse she can not breathe, she put me on hold for three minutes then came back and toold me the nurse is there now.

So add all the minutes up 5+3+2+3 you have 13 minutes where our mother was gasping for air putting her in a respiratory distress ….. how is that for care? Because they were busy on kijiji or the travel network looking up thier next vacation (we have seen them doing this on thier computers at the nurses station) they could have cause our mom to pass that night. Patients are people and they are treated like animals in this hospital as we have witnessed