My wife was in very critical condition so went to Brampton civic hospital emergency dept. Doctors and nurses are very rude, and they do not care if you die. So, they look at once, and try to send you home regardless how your condition is, went 3 times in 2 weeks, as was unfortunate that I live very very close to this hospital. Finally, my family physician advised to go to Etobicoke general hospital, so went there in emergency dept, they treat you very well, look and diagnose properly, and admitted by wife in hospital for 5 days, and gave her medicines under monitored conditions. so finally she started feeling better.

Question is – why govt spent such a huge tax dollars to build brampton hospital, if they can not treat and diagnose patients properly, all under educated doctors and nurses. Hope someone will listen to all complaints about this Brampton hospital.


Harvinder Singh on 11/11/2010