I have been very sick for the last 4 years now…I was told i had GERD then i was told i had (dysphagia) also . i was 32 going on 33 when all of this started i am now 36..I was 132 pounds when it started i dropped to 80 pounds with in 2 weeks .i have manged to get up to around 100 and maintain it how i don’t know .I have taken almost every drug under the sun for this condition with no success .. Then i was told its a mind thing ..Well i can be honest after 4 years of throwing up everything i eat or drink yes it kind of messes with your mind just a little bit .You try living on ensure and mashed potatoes for 4 years and tell me how you feel ..Its to the point now that water wont stay down ether .I have been rushed into the ER a few times because my system was low in somthing i needed and had to have I.Vs ..I have also been rushed in because i have passed out do to not being able to breath ..I Have passed out in front of my wife and kids ..

just 3 days ago i passed out in front of my brother in law and hit the floor face first i was rushed in .. I was told i had a muscle spasm in my throat and sent home i guess that happens sometimes ..An hour later i started to pass out in front of my mom and dad ..I was taken back in this time i had pure stomach acid coming up ..I was given an antacid threw an I.V and sent home with a script for ompeprazole .I get up the next morning take my nice new pill and cant swallow it threw it up along with all my other meds ..So i call the pharmacy and told them what happened ..Mind you i have the sheet with all the info about the drug in front of me .And here is what it says word for word (due to the coating ,this medication should not be chewed,crushed or DISSOLVED IN A LIQUID..If you cant swallow it hole ,talk to your pharmacist) ..Which i did i was told i could brake the cap and take it with apple sauce or something like that ..Well there is only one prob I CANT swallow very well or keep anything down i throw it up with in 5 min so the Pharmacist also says we have tabs that desolve on your tounge but i need a new script …So that ment i would have to see a doc for a new script .The script for the Omeprazole was given to me by a doc at the ER so i thought maybe just maybe i could get a scrip filled by the same doc SO I COULD TRY TO EAT seens how by this point it had been 3 days with out food ..I called the ER and was told i would have to come in and get looked at again by a doc if i needed a new script .So back to the ER i went .I had a differnt doc .Well that didn’t go so well the doc called the pharmacist and she told him what she told me .So he comes back and tells me this i got a little upset because i wasted 3 hrs to get in trouble by a doc .. Then the doc proceeds to tell me that my swallowing probblem is not fatal and that i should be going to my fam doc and not the ER i was given the script on SUN in the ER and came back monday because it was not working ..He also told me that my passing out is do to something else and makes me feel like a peace of dung . So i go home and do what the doc and the pharmacist say …I took a cap apart sprinkled it in some baby food and down the hatch with in 4 minutes s up came the baby food and the meds so i force myself to eat something anyways and threw it all up .I even tried my ensure and up it came up also …So i am told that my swallowing prob is not fatal ..Well i do know not being able to eat is and that not being able to breath is also …I have been tested for drugs when they take my blood and every time it comes back CLEAN every dam time and have been stright up with them when they ask I HAVE NOT TOUCHED DRUGS IN WELL OVER 10 year and i can back that up .. yes i have long hair to hide how bad my face has sunk in .. yes i look rough you would to if you couldn’t eat much ether .I do smoke cigarettes but that is it and i am trying to quit .I dont like being viewed as a drug addict or treated like one.. I am not looking for free dope ALL I WANT IS SOME ANSWERS TO WHY and what is wrong with me ..I had a job i had a house.. I had a great life . which are gone now do to being sick so much cant keep a job if your sick … I have 3 kids and a wonderful wife that are just as scared as i am …The GI team has been great in trying to figure this out and i have met some very good doctors there that have been great also and i am very grateful for that thank you …But its the rest of it …I will try to remember that it isnt fatal when i cant breath when my throat closes up and pass out or when i cant eat for 3 or 4 days and pass out

i will not name the doc here but if you wish to speak to me about this please call me and i will talk further thanks for your understanding on this matter ,,,Michael w yateman