Problem started when I took my pregnant wife to the hospital and we met the Doctor. By the following month, they were always on the phone. One day, I got back early from work and was told that my wife had gone out with the doctor. When she returned, close to midnight, she said the doctor was gay and like a girlfriend. After she had the child, she named the doctor as the godfather and had the child baptized at his church. A month later, the doctor and my wife came together to watch me in a provincial boxing tournament. I made sure they were removed but a few days later, she called the police to remove me from our home. She eventually married the doctor and never gave me access to my 2 children even though I was to have them every 2 weeks. Due to the stress, I eventually left my job with the government and the doctor filed papers in court saying that as a doctor, he knew that I was not sick. He then listed all the medical conditions that I was admitted for, 10yrs before,at the hospital he worked, thinking that was the reason I quit. He listed the medications that I was on at that time (i never gave anyone that information). He further added that I lied about some boxing championships i had won (i have magazines and letter from the boxing president).
I reported the case to CPSO but they took their time and eventually threw my case out. I appealed and the review board agreed with me 100% and sent them case back to CPSO. It was then, I found out that the doctor is one of the board members. The manager of investigations instructed the workers that if i call, they should hang up on me. She refuses to send me a letter about my complaint and when I should expect an answer. As a black man, going against a white doctor (with money), i am fighting a losing battle. The ex wife took close to $150,000 from me, took the children and left me bankrupt, financially and emotionally. What really bothers me is the way CPSO is helping this doctor. He has represented the college in court cases as well. I have documentation of my complaints and the audit from the hospital as well. How can a doctor log into my hospital file twice, without my permission, write about my health problems and medications I was on, in a court document, and still get away with it?
Christopher Kentebe