I stepped on a nail that went through the side of my toe approx the tip of the nail. I phoned the HealthCare Line and got excellence service. She advised me (after asking many questions) that considering I got a tetanus shot in 2003 that even though it was only 7 years ago I should get a shot. She said that it is 10 years for a clean cut and 5 years for a jagged rough cut.

I went to the clinic and got Dr. Patel. I told him: I stepped on a nail and was wondering about a tetanus shot. He asked me what year I got a shot and I said 2003. He said ‘7 years ago, you don’t need one’ I said: ‘I don’t mean to not take your judgement on this, but I had phoned the healthline…’ and I told him what they told me. He then showed me out of the room, saying ‘it’s 10 years, they don’t know what they are talking about, they aren’t doctors.’

He never ONCE looked at my foot.
Heidi van der Est