.I discovered that nurses are cheeting blud pressure readings 2 weeks ago and I informed general nurse and doctor
nothing had been done after many complains til my father went to ICU because of low blad pressure caused kidney falure – I was right 2 weeks ago and I prejedicted it after he returned from ICU in very good condition whats made me happy next day he was wolen like baloon and he had couple of cuts and blidings including bruses
When I request to see general nurse – she refused to see me
I tried to call information desk and ICU and no body whonts to see me and listemn to me – no help avaliable to pation at all
this look to me as a legal autanasia see pictures what I discover tonight and I could not find any help from anybody – all refused to talk except little scared nurse send to me
I had similar problem in decemver 2009 with my father when for 1, 5 weeks nursing staf damped food to garbage when my father could not eat to time he got another strock and colapsed totaly
If You need more info I have couple of pages

I think I need lawer immediately