Hello…This is a complaint about how the emergency room at Napanee Hospital rooms work.
This morning (Mar 11, 2010) I arrived at roughly 9am to have my eye looked at ( there is something in there). I waited patiently, until I noticed people who had arrived after me were being taken in. This didn’t strike me as odd, as I have been in a hospital emergency room before, and somewhat understand how they work (ie: most urgent first).
After watching FOUR, of which 3 showed absolutley no outward signs of medical urgency, be called in, I waited about 15 more minutes before leaving. My eye through all of this is watering, and is puffy and red. Whatever is in my eye is also making my nose run and giving me a headache.

I understand that hospitals are busy, but they show NO REGARD to patients. I own and operate a downtown business, and have to account to my customers about how my business works. I feel the staff and entore operation at Napanee Hospital have no regard for their “customers’. Maybe that’s because they KNOW there’s no repercussions for their attitudes and ability to operate

Anyways, I know these complaints don’t go anywhere (welcome to government hospitals), but I just needed to vent. Later today I will drive outside of me area and go to a different hospital. Unless an ambulance takes me there, I will NEVER go to Napanee Hospital again.