I was taken to the Hospital last night on September 20th, 2009. My boyfriend took me because I stopped breathing and he was concerned. He was told to put me in a wheel chair and they would be out soon. I did not arrive in an ambulance so they were not very interested in seeing me or thought it wasn’t an emergency. That’s fine but when I got into the room I couldn”t see anything and I couldnt move but I could hear. I did have 4 glasses of wine throughout the course of the night but was not completely impaired to the pount of not knowing what was occuring. It was then Dr. Hollingsworth grabbed me by hair in a rough way and pulled my head forward and then slammed my head back. Their was a nurse in their at the time but when i confronted her she did not remember. I had opended my eyes briefly when the Doctor had done this andsaw a young male with dark hair. One of the other nurses came in and was very nice so I described him to her and she said that was who was taking care of me. My boyfriend then entered the room and I told him about. I then confronted the doctor when he came back in and said I know what happend and the way you treated me was completely inappropriate. I told him that I was going to report him and he just kept appologizing and said that I was out of it. My boyfriend said did you need to grab her by the hair and jerk her head though and he said that no he didn’t need todo that and was sorry. I’m not sure where I go from here with my complaint but hopefully someone answers me soon. I am planning on writing to the paper about this situation because I am sure there are plenty of more people who feel the same. I do not have a document but I have a witness – Kelly Patterson