My mom was visiting canada for half a year. On August 8th, she told me she had chest pain, I drove her to the nearest hospital. When I arrived York Central, I told the nurse that my mom had Chest pain, she still ask us to wait, so we wait, during the period, I had told the nurse several times that my mom had chest pain, she still doing noting, so we waited for almost two hours, then my mom was asked to test her blood and ECR , after that, she was admitted right away, and a very young doctor came out to see her , she told us she want to transfer my mom to another hospital, and she aslo said my mom had a heart attack, a medium one, the nurse even told my mom that she had one in the same position few years ago, and she is fine now, my mom was thanking them.
As all these time, my mom was talking to me and she wasn’t looked so bad, so we all think that she will be fine, as my mom never had any heart problem before and she is always healthy, and now she is in hospital, and the doctor are supposed to give her right medicine. The young doctor wasn’t give her medicine right away, she came out after half an hour, telling us that the other hospital not accepting her, as they don’t have place for my mom, so they will treat her here, so only then, they gave me mom medicine, after another half an hour, two nurses came, and then asked my mom to turn, as soon as my mom trying to turn her body as per the nurses, her blood presure when down, and she was looking very bad, we were asked to leave the bed, and were taking out by a guard.
The young doctor came out after another half to one hour, and telling me that my mom was passed away. I thought she was joking, my mom walk into the emergency, looking just fine, and now she is gone, they suppose to save her, if they treated her timely and gave her right medicine right away, and not asking her to turn while she is still having a heart attack. York central hospital killed my mom, I will never go to this hospital again, if you check the hospital rating, their emergency service rate is 61, the average is 74. and they don’t even have proper equipment to do a surgury for heart attack person. This is a big hospital , and they don’t have proper equipment, their doctor and nurse are imcompetent. nancy lin