My uncle was taken to st joesphs health center by ambulance last month he was having abdomidal pain,shortness of breath ,and pain under his rib cage.They pumped him up with morphine and told him he was passing a kidney stone after a few hours he was sent home , a couple of days later he went back with the same pain ,he again was hooked up to morphine and oxygen for a day told he had to have his gallbadder removed and was sent home with no appointment made to have the surgery ,and pain pills to take at home,he returned to the hospital once again the same pain and given the same treatment drugged up sent home,the fourth time we took him they kept him in over night gave him pain medicine and told him again it was his gallbladder that he needed surgery no appointment set and he was sent home,finally the fifth time he had the pain we went to mississauga hospital, they took him in and did a scan of his body ,took blood and were in shock that st. joesphs let him leave. He has pnemonia , asbestos in his lungs and they diagnosed him with malignant mesothelioma. he also was diagnosed with emphysema they also took samples from his rectal area for cancer testing. He was in the hospital for a few days on antibiotics and oxygen and puffers .when he was sent home he was given dates for dr appointments ,and his percriptions to go on after he left the hospital. There has to be something done about st josephs hospital the gentlemen in the bed next to my uncle had the same problem only if he had listened to the advise of the drs at st joes he would be dead he instead went to mississauga and was given his life back. please get back to me as soon as possible thank you very much. I have a document supporting what he was diagnosed with at mississauga and the mississauga hospital had all papers from st josephs forwarded to them. Bertha Turnbull