on may 8th we had to take our child to the BCH in emergency as a result of high fever of 40.2 F. personnaly we don’t prefere the BCH even if it’s only 5 min away from our house but due to the ongoing Tamil protest in toronto we couldn’t go to the sick kids anyway so we go there around 5:30 in the evening we report to the triage nurse and we were told that your doctor sent you here so that we can tell you that it’s a viral, i was a bit shocked to here that from a health care provider. i mean loo at the kid he can barely open his eyes and you are basically telling me to go to hell…..i kinda sucked it up and waited for the doctor afetr 3.15 hrs of waiting in the emergency room lobby we were called in to see the doctor i was a little happy i thought ok this is not bad only 3 hrs of wait thats good but soon enough we were just called in to the clinic area where we had to wait for another 2hrs to get a room for doctor well thats 5.15hrs so far and after we got the room where the doctor will see the child we had to wait in that room for another 2.20hrs during the wait we found out that there was only one doctor who was attending all te patients and as per them since they seen over 300patients already no body is a priority….at one point a really frustrated couple had an arguments with the staff… as i was witnessing all the action i couldn’t believe what i heard…the staff member told the couple to go Fxxx THEM SELVES…. the couple didn’t seem to mind because they didn’t understand english. what happened to the patient care for all they are they will just kill those people who objected their practise….a hospital this big with only one doctor in emergency. just close the bloody tax sucking business already.