My father-in-law just recently had an angioplasty at Toronto General Hospital, they punctured an artery while removing the tube and he bled out for forty-five minutes, the surgeon advised that it was very serious. They had to give him two units of blood and eventually got it under control. He has had a double bypass and countless angioplasties and also has an aneurysm that is very close to a five. Every doctor and every nurse at Toronto General that saw my father-in-law stressed how important it was for him to go straight to the emergency room if he felt any discomfort as he could bleed out very quickly and die. We advised the Registration and the triage nurse at St. Catharines General of the situation and its time sensitive and life threatening nature and they could have cared less. We waited over FOUR HOURS and no one took care of him. NHS is lucky that he is ok because would have sued the pants off them and WON!! This is ridiculous! I received nothing but attitude from every staff member in there and they did not care one bit about taking care of him. I’m absolutely disgusted and appalled with the state of the St. Catharines General and I can only imagine what will happen once they start to close the other hospitals in Niagara Region. When my wife asked the triage nurse what kind of a priority internal bleeding from a major artery was he raised his voice to her and said unless he is having a heart attack we will not see him!! I would not take my DOG in to the St. Catharines General! AND I AM NOT GOING TO LET THIS GO!! Something needs to be done and fast , NO EXCUSES, NO BS. WE NEED A HOSPITAL!!!! This is not some third world country and I will not live like this!