Yesturday I arrived at Emergency at 8:30pm, registered about 30 minutes later. About 4-5 hours of waiting I asked the male nurse how much longer we will have to wait. He said maybe 2 more hours at most. I asked if I could just get a doctors note so that I could leave. The nurse said you have to ask the doctor for that when you see him. I return to me seat. I start passing when I read small print on a sign posted on the wall that if you leave after registering I would be charged $50. And of course I was thinking about leaving. About an hour later we are brought into another room. I thought this is it we’re finally seeing the doctor. Nope, after waiting 2 more hours a ask a nurse how long before see a doctor, all I need is a note. I don’t know, I will find out was her response. After passing the hall a couple times I return to the nurses station to ask another nurse if the other nurse found out about how long the wait is gonna be as the first nurse return from her smoke break. This nurse tells me the same thing, I don’t know I will find out. Both never come to tell us anything. Me and another patient that we’re waiting return to the nurses station and she asks the doctor the same question cause her medication for her broken foot has warn off and she is feeling the pain. Still nothing. After 9 1/2 hours of waiting with no answers and feeling worse. I enter the hallway to call my parents. I had enough at this point I was gonna leave, all I needed was a doctors note. I called my parents to find out if I could get one from my doctors the next day. They said it would take me a week. I have had enough at this point completely redickulous. If they knew it was gonna take this long they should of let us know when we entered. I would have never stayed. So I’m in the hall very upset telling my dad that i was gonna let every news station, paper, facebook anything tomorrow about this. As I’m entering the doors to my room the other patients friend is coming out to tell me that the doctor has finally arrived. The doctor checks me and says I have the cold and flu. I ask if I can get a note cause I missed work the previous day. His reply was “I don’t give doctors notes for a cold. I don’t know what you did yesturday and if everyone with a cold called in sick there would be no one working.” Than explained how long I waiting for a note and that I really needed one. So he replied “I can write you a note that you were here and that you have a cold, that is all” So I asked him if I was contagious. His replay “yes” So why would I return to work to make everyone working sick. His reply “What type of work do I do?” I said I work in marketing at a desk answering phones. His reply “Don’t touch door handles and wash your hands” He wrote me and I left. I called my work in the morning and they suggested I stay home and possibly return tomorrow if I feel up to it. I barely ever get sick so I have never realized before how bad our system actually is. I can not believe they would make someone anyone wait that long and basically tell them they waited for nothing. We need to really look into our health system if this is the norm.

Documents I have is the doctors note. That is all.