To. Minster of health, Back in oct i found a lump in my leg, when to the my family doctor , and i was to make a appointment with the General surgery, had to fight for a biopsy, after making 2 appointment finaly got him to do a biopsy, On jan 9th 2008 i was told that i had hodgkin,s lymphoma, I done the chemotherapy and radiation, after doing that i had trouble with my leg,s the left leg more than the right,so i was worry thinking the cancer was back, so i made a appointment with my Oncolgist i saw her on Oct14th 2008 she was as cold as ice she was very unprofessional she told me that,s the price that i had to paid for being ALIVE , I was shock i could not even speek ,I thought to my self cause i,m alive i have to suffer, I think that way so very cold of her and i will not listen to her talking to me if i was a piece of dirt, No one should have to suffer, I had a hard enought time with cancer did not need her cold heart to go with it, I think that i may write to the paper to just to let people know what kind of treatment that we get at civic hospital , poor cancer patient should not have to listen to that,we have enought to worry about, Thank you I hope there will be something done about this, she will never talk to me like that again, I will be stronger the next time,and i will say something back to her, I have enought on my mind and don,t want to hear her cold heart,

clare catherine bolger on 10/15/2008