On July 22nd. 2008, I went to Emergencies at Southlake Hospital with a severe pain on my right leg; we arrived at the hospital at 3:30 P.M. where registration rushed me inside.
We sat inside a room for about an hour without anybody asking me about my issue. Women over there were walking around and talking between them. My pain was getting worse and worse and started complaining about it. I said please, have mercy. One of the nurses said to the person who took me inside. “DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT THEM”.

After a while, my wife asked to the person who took me inside for the name of the nurse who had that bad comment. She said, it would be better to ask her. When that lady came back, my wife asked her name, telling her she would complain about her comment; she answered back saying:
“ I DO NOT LIKE YOUR TONE”; I will ask you to leave or I will call security and she did call security. It was about 5:30 P.M.; I stand up and we left the hospital. The nurse who had the bad comment told me: “YOU SHOULD STAY IF YOUR ARE IN SUCH A BIG PAIN. I would not stay over there alone since they were throwing away my wife and especially when they did nothing for me. Before leaving, there were about five people over there sitting in the front desk, including a doctor; my wife told him about the nurse comments and he answered back saying “ I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU”. We had no reason to lie.

We were desperate and went to Markham Stouffville Hospital where I was taken inside very fast as soon as they realized I had fever. That night, they found out I had a cloth on my blood and I was told it could had kill me if I did not go to the hospital.

As I am writing this letter; I feel impotent and want to know why I was ignored and my wife thrown away of Southlake Hospital without any compassion. I definitely need a response as why that nurse, who is there to help the sick, is heartless; especially when her job is to be caring and sympathetic towards the sick. I believe something really has to be done about this specific hospital staff.

One more thing blows my mind why is such a big difference about patients care between the two hospital I visited.
Christopher Johnston on 7/27/2008