My son Panogiotis had surgery for restorations on his teeth June 27th he is only 2 years old, had fasted all night and morning surgery wasnt scheduled til 1 pm and he was crying when we got upstairs to room 403 peadiactrics to prep for surgery. The first thing the head nurse does is yells at my 2 year old son to settle down. Then hands a paper to the nurse regarding my son and outspokenly says “Have fun he’s all yours!” What the heck is a woman like her doing working with kids??? Then she goes over to a crib with another crying kid out of surgery and yells at him to be quiet. I was so sickened. I hid with my child in the playroom till they called him for surgery.
All went well until he came out of surgery and was in the recovery with my husband. The nurse explained my son had freezing and wasnt in pain but but was going to give him Morphine to calm his crying! What??? He is already booked to stay overnight because they were afraid for his breathing due to sleep apnea but they wanted to give him morphine just to stop his crying! That drug alone suppresses breathing. Ok then to get upstairs takes 4 hours because they couldnt find an admitting doctor for him. After all this and all the fasting they didnt bring dinner for him, never offered us drinks of water, juice or anything, my husband had to go buy mc donalds and even in the morning they bypassed our room and didnt even have a breakfast for my son!! Im furious!!! This is outragious!! Something really really needs to be done about this hospitals staff!!!

Renee Sourlis